something shoots through my head


a paper boat to the open sea

the istrian sea in early january 2020


Oskar Schweighart - Fotobuch der Bäume - digitalized photographic plates

Oskar Schweighart - Fotobuch der Bäume - digitalized photographic plates c

ein mensch bleibt ein mensch

Gedicht an die Dauer - Peter Handke - gelesen und erweitert von Günter Mik

He is writing on the typewriter

Jalāl ad-Dïn Muhammad Rūmī

and brutus is an honorable man

ansingen, gegen die brandung - bettina hardmeier, günter mik

we are family

we are still family


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refurtage from hallstatt
hallstatt, 2020
1 v Probably almost a hundred times I was led through through museums and exhibitions by strangers, by people however who were not able to contact me, to become significant, meaningful for me . Honestly spoken, their language and their actions were of incalculable meaning. By the way I was almost never interested in the content. I don't know why I used the services of these so-called intermediaries. Presumably, to avoid embarrassing situations that would have arisen, if I would not have taken the offer of a tour or explanation.
bildverlust korbentflechten
karnabrunn, 2006
5 v
bon voyage
langenzersdorf, 2020 - 2022
6 v Bon Voyage is a series of events. Musicians, poets and visual artists perform against the backdrop of slides projected into trees and bushes. Bon Voyage was invented in times of pandemic, when travel was almost impossible and so is done in a different way
african kings
3 v
confusion has its cause
2019 6 v
Two of my three children accompanying me through the forest, into rooms, across areas. I am breaking down from time to time. Taking a position that suits my children more than me. They accept it. The confusion is not theirs, it is mine. I don't know, what causes it. It is only guesswork that leads to new guesswork, into a labyrinth that could panic if I hadn't been caught in it for so long.
the heidegger files
7 v
refurtage from piran
piran, 2021
1 v Piran, Slovenia. Even after a dozen visits, I can't help but love this not entirely unique little town near the border with Italy and Croatia with its thousand details. Coming here gives me the confidence that a McDonald's branch in Mexico gave me in 1977. Everything always remains as I remembered it. I scrape my hands and feet on the sharp edges of the breakwater, I lie on pebbles and sunbathe until my head aches and the sun has done its work on my skin. In the evening I go to dine and notice that cevapcici are prepared completely unchanged since they were invented so that I am still plagued by stomach pains on the second day after. Giuseppe Tartini lifts his hat. Limestone everywhere. And it's loud. At dawn from the brooding seagulls, all day long from the tourists and mopeds in the narrow streets and in the evening from people who come to eat in flip-flops. I smoke too many cigarettes, drink too much wine, eat too much meat, fish and french fries. Too much of everything. And the wonderful, crystal clear sea and the sea air. I'll be back there asap.
piran, 2021
1 v I fall into the ocean without stopping I sink into the unfathomable depth of your eternity for a moment I overcome the illusion and may taste the sweetness of peace At the same time - my heart is on fire kindled by the love of your sea that touches the bottom of my soul and lifts the veil of truth - for a quick glance ...
super 8
1983 -1996
3 v
von 1 8 Gnaden
wien, 2010
3 v
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